Cold Email Key - Using Job Posts

Job Posts are the missing key in your cold email

When a company posts a job, they're revealing more than their willingness to pay someone to solve a problem. They show the expected tech stack, current state, and desired future state of the company.

This gives you an in when it comes to cold email.

What they reveal

segment job Take a look at the Segment job posting for a Growth Account Executive above. Right away, we can see a few things:

  1. The candidate will be doing important presentations
  2. The role will require communications with other departments
  3. The candidate needs experience with certain methodologies
  4. They're responsible for building pipeline

If you sell presentation software, public speaking courses, communication tools, sales training, or outsource sales work, you're in luck.

They've directly told you what they care about. Now you can reach out and pitch them effectively.

How to use them

Selling big-ticket items, the most success I've had is when I can position myself as an expert on the client's business.

If you're reaching out cold, you'll have to show that you understand their specific business. When you do that, you're going to stand out from the thousands of other emails in their inbox. For example, I'd start my email like this to the job poster above:

Hey {{firstName}}, Saw Segment was hiring a Growth Account Exec and they're managing their own forecasting. Have you settled on a forecasting tool yet? I ask because...

The more you include what that business actually cares about, the more likely they'll respond to you. And when you use job postings, you're learning their pain points straight from their higher ups.

How we're using them

When we're sending cold emails for clients, we almost always have a Hiring focused campaign. We run a weekly scrape of everyone hiring in a role that complements the tool we're selling. We filter it down with firmographic data (give us every company hiring in finance with a current finance team headcount of zero) because we can make a more compelling pitch.

Then, we write the copy to that specific audience. Saw you were hiring for X, have you considered what tool? Or, saw you were hiring in X and you mentioned you'll need to Y, we can do Y for you.

We've done it so much that we're testing what it'd be like to build these weekly lists for other sellers. Want to get some free data in exchange for feedback? Drop your info and we'll send you some!