Using GummySearch to find customers in forums

I've been trying a lot of different methods to grow Magic Sales Bot. Cold Email is a mainstay for me, and now I'm seeing success from prowling forums.

Forums as an Acquisition Channel

I first learned of using forums to acquire users from Reilly Chase's hardcore year,.

It's not daily posts of "Please come look at my business," but hangiing out, being helpful, and plugging your product when the timing is right.

So far, it's led to about $200 in MRR for me, without much effort. It's been made easy by using GummySearch, a Reddit-tracker made by Fed, an indie-maker like me.

I'm tracking a few keywords relevant to my product, like this: tracking

Then, when people post questions in the sales subreddits about managing the hellscape that is a sales territory, I can organically pop in and share my experience as a sales rep and product builder: sharing

It's led to some good things, I'll get new users in and on trials who give me feedback like this: feedback

Which is great short-term. But after a few weeks of doing this, I now get DMs in my Reddit account like this: dm

It's almost like I've built up Reddit SEO, and people are starting to trickle in based on replies I've made on other posts!

It's a great strategy, and I'm going to keep finding ways to expand this work. I highly recommend Gummy if you want to do something similar.