Thank you

I haven't done standard resolutions for New Year's in a few years. I'm doing the outward habits (workout, don't drink) that would constitute a normal resolution.

So this year, I had a internal habit of gratitude I needed to practice. This morning, I had a "man, life is good" moment I needed to put into words.

From almost every angle, life has drastically improved over the last year.


A year ago, I was relearning how to walk. I couldn't take a step without the help of crutches. I was months away from being able to use a staircase regularly.


Today, I'm surfing, lifting, yoga-ing, and in general, stronger than ever. My injury tuned me into my health, my diet, and my body, and I love being able to move and strengthen. body pic


A year ago, I was making jack shit for the 2nd year in a row. I was probably going to have to get a job soon, and I started freelancing to cover my medical bills. It was a huge stress, and I put a lot of it on credit cards.

I was exactly who I didn't want to be: an indebted burden on society and family. jack shit

Today, money, its acquisition, and debt are no longer stressors. Sure, I think about money. Growing it. Holding onto it. But the lack of it no longer presents a major stress point in my life. money

As ye says, "having money ain't everything, not having it is."


A year ago, I was as indie as an indiehacker could be. I had strong relationships in my family, like always. I'm a son, brother, and uncle. I do well at those roles, but I wanted more.

Today, I'm those things and more. And I have more for myself. I have a great business partner for our productized service project. I have friends who share similar faith, business objectives, and health goals. Or, friends who are capable of supporting those with different objectives in life. As a no-longer-broke, no-longer-restrained-to-my-parent's-house 29 year old with a reasonable level of fitness and an interesting life, I have wonderful women in my life.


A year ago, broke, unable to walk, stuck at my parent's house, I was having a hard time being happy.

Today, I've improved in those areas, and beyond. My faith has grown. My outlook on life has changed. I'm spending most of the year in Bali, a place I've always thought to try living in since thinking of working remotely almost a decade ago.


Who said "It's 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"? They're right.

If I'm capable of pulling myself out of the hole and getting myself to here, where else can I go? I'm no longer answering that question with an internal dialogue. Just moving the line in the sand with my actions, a little further each time, and quietly celebrating it.

Stepping out of the comfort zone has become a game. Some sadistic part sees the discomfort of that special exercise that's supposed to fix my leg, that sales call where I know I don't have the answers, I get that special endorphin boost of killing my inner little bitch. In the funnest and most kind way.

Thank you

Exactly 10 years ago, I was thinking about how cool it would be to travel and work at the same time. I figured I needed my own business, and I started tinkering with 4HWW projects.

Walking through Bangkok this morning, I was getting notifications as a team member completed tasks in our project tracker. Our business was moving forward without my direct involvement. This is where I felt the gratitude to write all this down.

To everyone I've met in that time, who has influenced, large or small, my trajectory to get here: Thank you. There are multitudes of you who have helped me.

To my family, who may not always understand but always supports: Thank you.

To God (or Brahma, Yahweh, Universal Energy, Mercury-in-Retrograde, Heineken, or whatever gets you through the night), thank you for the answered prayers.

Thank you that I get to move from "survival" to "playing for fun," in so many ways in my life.