This week, I started pushing hard on sales for Magic Sales Bot

I had a goal of 250 emails sent to book 10 demos.

I ended up with about 70 emails, and 4 demos booked.

The first couple of days went really well. But then, I started to get some users into the platform post-demo. They were uploading lists of 100+ accounts, and my product couldn't handle it.

After running around with my hair on fire for 5 days, I've finally solved it by:

  • Putting my background jobs on a heroku dyno that I poll with my Next.js app
  • Not automatically updating user's accounts every day

That second one is a biggie - I was auto-refreshing everyone's accounts every day. I really quickly ran into a rate limit with the API I'm using to gather data. I talked to their sales team and was prepared to drop $5k on an enterprise plan. I signed the order form and everything.

But then I asked the rep to confirm, in writing, what the new rate limit would be. Newsflash, it actually did not change.

So I quickly changed direction with the expectation I was setting for users. Instead of emailing them every day when I refresh the data, I now email them every few days if they haven't come in and refreshed their data.

Yes, it's more manual. But I'm proving out if this data is valuable to them in the first place before I worry too much about automating it.

I still got some good feedback

For the users who got to experience the platform, the feedback was positive. They were already taking the data I provided and using it to reach out to sales prospects. They were uncovering things that they did not know (and would not have known) without the tool.

Next Week

I have more demos, and more emails to send. I'm going to set up some sales email automations, too. I have good initial feedback. Now, I'm after turning that feedback into revenue.