A Pivot

###Today, (Magic Sales Bot)[magicsalesbot.com] moves from an AI email writer to a signal-tracker for sales teams.

8 months ago, I launched a tool that would let you input a target company’s website and receive a personalized email, based on their data, and written by GPT-3. I added in more and more data, like people’s linkedin posts, company twitter data, and website changes.

I found that most sales teams dissected those emails to get to the data I had found about their target. Then, they used that data in their own writing. I knew I was solving two problems: One, scouring the internet for data about any given company. Two, writing the emails based on that data.

Over the last month, I’ve experimented on and committed to turning MSB into a signal tracker. Input your account list, receive daily updates about anything happening at your target companies. To start, we'll watch for job changes in your target role, persons of interest getting promoted, funding, and company news.

This alienates some of my users. Those 1-2 person businesses who were looking to MSB to outsource their sales. But it doubles down on how my target customer, the B2B sales team, already uses MSB. In my own experience as a salesperson, it gives me greater opportunity to dogfood my product. I don’t need a tool to write emails for me (I can do that), I do need a way to keep tabs on who I want to sell to. Getting a view of my leads is difficult when it’s tracked across Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn, Google Alerts, and more.

So today MSB makes the official pivot. My main two concerns are: Will people who sign up input their account lists? Then, will they receive value from the daily email? These next few weeks will answer those questions.