Wk 5 - One Brick at a Time

Week 4 of building Chatty

Today, I'm one month into this software project. There have been a lot of lessons learned and more bugs than I expected.

Still, the people I show it to are excited to try it and look past the bugs I've had to work through. This week I did tackle most of those bugs, alongside a more intuitive product experience. The version that's up right now is at most a wireframe. If this many people use the tool despite the hardship to use it, that says promising things to me.

So the plan is to build out the rest of the UI this week while ramping up my cold outreach. That way when I launch the paid product in a week, I'll have a lot of people to put through the flow.

It's scary doing cold sales for your baby. Someone could call it ugly. Or I could try and fail. There are always thoughts running through my mind of what I should be doing, or how I should be approaching launching a business.

In either case, I have clear goalposts to go towards. My goal is to find one paying customer in October. If I don't find a paying customer by the end of November, then I can let the worrisome thoughts about the viability of this project take center stage.