My goal was 250 emails sent and to book 10 demos.

I did not get 250 emails out, and I booked 8 demos.

The feedback has been great - people love what they're seeing and say the data is very useful. I've not seen many come in and manually refresh their signals, and I'm wondering how I can keep them primed to buy when their week trial is up.

I got my first sale.

One of my demos from last week turned into a sale this week. Small, but progress.

I'll be building myself into a corner

Based on the cost of getting data and the rate limits of the APIs I use, I'll eventually hit a wall where I won't be able to bring on more customers. I have to start thinking about how to get data a custom way.

I have a long road ahead

My process is not optimized. I'd love to have a smoother path to bringing on customers. One $50/mo subscription at a time, I have a lot of subscriptions to sell to hit my goal. I can't look at the whole road at once, I can only look to what's possible today.