Fun v Profit

1.) What am I optimizing for in this building journey? Well, money. Money is good for me and hopefully, a direct indicator of how helpful I'm being to the world.

So how am I doing on hitting the money metric? $1k MRR, which is not a whole lot. I'm probably not doing great on that metric then, unless I want to take a longer-term view to optimizing for money. Sweet spot

What do I optimize for in the short-term, then? I want to optimize for fun. How fun is this activity and project? The more fun I have, conceivably the more shots I will take on goal, and the longer I will stay in the game.

But there's a danger in falling into fun activities that are not profitable. I want to come up with a matrix to define how fun and profitable any given activity is. Then, maybe I can arrive at a conclusion: What is my optimal fun/profit activity where the highest degree of both is happening?

Questions? Hit me up on Twitter, I'm happy to talk through them.