Wk 8 - First Profit - $87 MRR

Hit my first profit this week. It was a doozy. Between speaking at Jack Butcher's office hours and launching SalesAdvice.io(https://SalesAdvice.io), I stayed busy.

For the first time traffic was COMING to me, instead of me chasing it. I posted my first revenue: $87 MRR. Some of that is from Chatty (which I'm still planning on shutting down), some is from SalesAdvice.io (which got 30 new subscribers after the Jack Butcher event).

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Now I'm focusing on growing SalesAdvice.io, to capitalize on the love I got from the Butcher event, and from offering Free Sales Advice Fridays for months. I want it to be the bootstrapper's guidebook on sales tactics that anybody can emulate. It's clearly something people have wanted from me, and I hope to grow it into so much more than a weekly newsletter.


This week, I'm sending out Report #0003 via email. Topic: my cold email that gets a 40% reply rate, and how anyone can emulate it for free. Then, I'm compiling every Free Sales Advice Friday consultation into a repository for subscribers. Soon, I'd like to do monthly lead drops to give my community a leg up.

There's a lot of excitement in this project because there's so much optionality. And my subscribers get to drive it. There are 8 spots left to get 50% off for life. If you use the code FIRST10 at Checkout, I'd love for you to be part of this journey.