Wk 2 - Early Weeks

It's been two weeks since I got my laptop back, and two weeks since I realized I'd lost all my Github repos and would have to start over. My 2FA codes were stored on a phone that broke just before I got to work. Without them, Github told me I'd have no access to any code, including my private rep0s that I spent months working on in anticipation of quitting my job.

I had come to terms with it and was wireframing a new project, when a miraculous phone repairman was able to recover my 2FA codes. I've been hustling since then, knowing that getting my code back was a gift, but the obstacles still have not stopped. Moving home has given me the runway to build this and the support of my immediate family, and has asked me to step up in a lot of other ways like:

  • Watching my nephew weekly so my sister can manage her at-risk pregnancy at the hospital
  • Making medical decisions for my grandfather while he can barely remember who I am
  • Hosting my other grandmother through her move, while being on-call for her tasks
  • The general bumps and lumps that come with having 220 acres of land

Even still, I'm getting more done on this business than ever. I've put 45+ commits into the Github repo for the project I'm working on, and I've got my first demos to prospective customers on Monday. Before I left my company I put a few ideas in front of my team. Of the several they wanted to buy, this project had the most immediate impact. If this week goes well, I can get more of the team in starting next week and will aim to start collecting payments in the next two weeks.

It's nervewracking. I can see all the gaps and bugs. I see bugs that I know other people will see. But I have to ship V1 at some point to get that crucial customer feedback and, you know, money. Because a business isn't a business without revenue.