Wk 3 - Direction Before Momentum

This week, I launched Chatty to my first beta users.

B2B sales is an inefficient process of obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'm speeding it up with tryChatty.com. Instead of reps sending 10 emails to 1 person before giving up without a response, I'm allowing salespeople to connect at the moment of engagement.

Today there are chatbots for when you land on a website. And bots that let you know when someone's opening their email. Both fail to get the job done. With Chatty, a rep takes whatever content they were going to send: A case study, a Loom video, a Forbes article, and sends it as a Chatty link. When a prospect opens it, the rep is sent a Slack message. If they respond to that message, the prospect sees their message in real time and can respond.

Rep: "Ms. Prospect, thanks for taking a look. We work with Glossier so Sephora would be a great fit. This case study is about how their Marketing Department increases X by Y" Prospect: "Cut the shit, Ryan, how much is it?"

OR Prospect: "I'm not the right person. Talk to so and so"

OR Prospect: "Let's talk"

The same efficiency of a cold call, within your cold email prospecting. Hopefully. I prospected 40 beta signups this week and received a handful of good leads. 2 responded to my emails. 18 had conversations with me on Chatty. I think that shows promise to what this can do for reps.

This next week, I'm focused on getting more users and feedback before I start charging. I hope the payments come soon.