Wks 21 & 22 - The Mom Test - $1k MRR

The last two weeks, I've been iterating on Magic Sales Bot. Pulling in new data sources. Improving email generations. Allowing specificity in lead/role creations, different types of creations, etc.

It felt good because I was "doing." But there was a gnawing unease.

I was fortunate to speak with my friend David Bielik, Owner of Nerdy Data, and Product Manager at my former company.

Back when we worked together, I had spoken with the Product Design team about how our company did sales for a 6-figure software. I felt pretty cool because I saw the inner gears turning for these technically-minded folks. They'd see the lightbulb go off and I could tell they were learning something about our process that they didn't understand before.

In David and I's conversation, that scenario was reversed. He brought up so many topics I hadn't thought to consider. I didn't know what to say.

Here, I've been iterating through this product, likely digging myself a hole. Yes, Magic Sales Bot is at $1k MRR. But it's on the basis of customer's believes that it will be something special, not that it is special now.

This next week, I'm sitting down with as many salespeople as possible. Before I go any further on Magic Sales Bot, I'm heeding David's advice on going deep into my prospective customer's workflows. I'm also going deep into my current customer's usage (or lack thereof) of MSB to see where expectations and reality meet.