Build/Sell30 Challenge

I've worked on the same SaaS product for a year, and I'm ready to shake it up for a few weeks.

I came across the Build/Sell 30 Challenge on Twitter and it caught my eye: The goal is to get a SaaS $100 MRR within the month of January, then sell it on MicroAcquire.

I had just sold Jiffy Lead on MicroAcquire, and I've been practicing some marketing skills, so I have an idea I'd like to try.

I call it: The Content-Led Saas Experiment

For this challenge, I'm going to take early January to release 3 info products. Just something simple I can spin up on Gumroad. "Pay what you want" type products.

I'm going to get them out quick and give it about a week to see which one (if any) generates the most revenue or buzz.

Then, I'm going to turn it into a SaaS. I'll have a validated problem (people read the content for a reason) and an audience (the people who read the content). Let's see how it goes!

I can teach cold email, sales strategy, and how to get in contact with anyone. What else would you want me to write about?