Automation & Damnation

3 or so weeks into using my product to sell my product, via cold emails and demos.

I can see a much truer picture of what has to get done. When I eat my dogfood, I really care about the taste. I can also see the importance of every little feature and hook to get people using the tool.

Mixing this sales and building game, I hit a spot where users were getting results from the tool. So I thought: "Great, let's step things up a notch. Instead of having users come in and hit buttons to get a result, let's automatically email them a daily digest of all the results they'd get, and do the work for them."

Like a lot of things, I thought it'd be easy. And it was. The hard part? Spending the last week shoring up all the little bugs that come out of shipping a massive feature like this. And the anxiety of giving paying users a broken experience.

I think I'm mostly out of the woods and the product is in a good spot knocks on wood. Yes, there's a pantload of work to do. But some of the most satisfying work is going to be waking up to a fresh list of leads that my tool sent me, every day. Then, selling by showing my leads how I'm using this tool to sell to them.

Happy Thanksgiving.