Wk 12 - 90 Day Check-in - $498 MRR

So far, MRR is up 150% in December.

The dollar numbers are small. To me, it's the growth that's important.

When I quit my job and went full-time bootstrapper in September, I just wanted to find $100 MRR somewhere. I knew that if I could, I had a real shot at getting to my goal of $10k MRR with that idea.

This week has been insane. For 3 months I've been putting work out into the world, and now it feels like the world is coming back to me tenfold. More calls and emails than I can handle. I have to stow myself away to squash the bugs in my MVP.

First user calls were this week for Magic Sales Bot, a tool that automates researching and writing cold emails. It uses GPT-3, so it writes emails 10x faster. I felt out the rough edges with users and got a couple to put their credit cards down on the phone. That was a great feeling.

Now, I'm smoothing the experience out. I have 2 small side projects spinning out of this too. Looking forward to getting these launched and playing the long game with some SEO.