Wk 17 - 6 out of 10 - $434 MRR

I've doubled down on Magic Sales Bot, the tool for salespeople to auto-generate emails to prospect with. My MRR dipped from the last report because I shut down the premium Sales Advice newsletter to focus full-time on this.

First, I don't like producing content on a schedule. I also don't see myself as a content producer long term. Next, the problem Magic Sales Bot tackles is one that I'm passionate about. As a sales guy myself, so many of the tools we use suck. Makers don't know what sellers need and sellers don't know how to make. I'm aiming to change that.

Through the first 3 weeks of my beta, I've had around 200 signups. Every day, I follow up with new users that I've acquired by building in public to ask for their feedback and tell them about the lifetime discount I'm doing for my first 10 customers.

So far, this has netted me 6 customers for $234 in MRR. I have a special side-client (I say it like that because the use case may splinter Magic Sales Bot into two projects) who pays $200/m, making it $434 MRR total.

It feels so good to have some recurring revenue coming in. I have so many ideas from user's feedback about how to make this tool better. My focus for the coming weeks:

  1. A feature to personalize intro lines
  2. A feature to input a Linkedin URL and spit out an individualized email
  3. A broader initiative to score and grade email creations so that better creations surface in every instance
  4. A builder that allows you to structure emails in your preferred way (like Intro/Ask/Close or Intro/Datapoints/Social Proof/Close)

This is all built on the back of work I'm doing right now to speed up the GPT completions. Once done, I'll be able to break it up into smaller completions, instead of the one giant one I do right now.

It's starting to get fun!