Wk 15 - 4 out of 10 - $569 MRR

Since quitting my sales job, I knew I wanted to code tools for salespeople. Tools that I would have wanted.

Since writing my first line of code for Magic Sales Bot 36 days ago and 12 days after opening the beta, here's where I'm at. 135 users have signed up for free trials. 4 have become paying customers, making it a $156 MRR project.

A spinoff project has one customer at $200 MRR. My sales advice newsletter makes up the remainder. While Magic Sales Bot is my focus, I have these other small bets, fitting with my portfolio of small bets strategy.

My goal for Magic Sales Bot in the near term is to get it to 10 paying users. This upcoming week, my goal is to tweak the GPT-3 results to create better emails. Then, I'll reach out to users about the updates, try to talk to them about their experience, and bring them on as early supporters.

I'll share more about what happens when I get to ten customers when I get there. For now, I need to make the product worth using. I still see the frailty of the emails it creates. I know no other way to improve it other than incremental testing and releasing to users.

I took things slower this week because of Christmas and because I've worked most every day since early September. I'm light again this week but planning on integrating these changes. If you have any advice or questions about my projects, reach out to me on Twitter